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Bringing the Noise Back follows the phenomenon of noise in the visual spectrum. The word ‘noise’ at first encounter suggests the unease of a sound form and alludes to the chaotic mood of certain conditions. The exhibition tries to redevelop the meaning of noise; as an organic sum of the flow, it reflects the mood of its surroundings.


Experiencing the unnatural conditions of COVID 19, Bringing the Noise Back presents noise as a reflection of the big-city rhythm. Rather than something which can be listened to or recreated as a sound, noise is a phenomenon which can only be experienced through total immersion. This visual element of noise is used to redevelop the relationship between people and sight, revealing the emotional atlas of the city life itself.

fünfter Löffel made Bringing The Noise Back on July 2021 in ORi Berlin. The artists exhibited in Bringing The Noise Back:


Photography: Ahmet Emre Saruhan, Canberk Akçal

Video Installation: Canberk Akçal, Umut Çağlar Güney

Film Selection: Vasilios Papaioannu, Michele Gurrieri, Gianmarco Donaggio, Canberk Akçal, Emre Saruhan, Zahid Balta, Büşra Sülüşoğlu, Ömer Fırat, Burcu Uçatenik & Mert Çevik

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