We are thrilled to share our new project Oyun (Game) to recover ourselves from the efficiency based 21st century mindset which became more visible through the unusual times we are experiencing today. To be able to open up some cavernous spaces or to point out that the sense of producing can become the essential output, Oyun looks

for interactions driven with creativity.


We appreciate the fact that artists or those who express themselves with arts are social entities and seek to find an original approach to communicate through new mediums. We are aware of the possible plenitude, vagary or other unfavourable features of the social media we are located in. 

Nevertheless, we believe that we can reach out to each other to refresh ourselves in these days of severe self-isolation. Like children forming their own worlds inside adult reality, we are inviting our community who seek for creative expressions to meet and play games.


We have one single rule: the games that are created should be playable by everyone. Thus, we want to collectively experience every individuals process of producing and the healing through arts. We encourage and appreciate all types of games from any discipline.

You can reach us via e-mail or Instagram for your Oyun

submissions or for any other inquiries.