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⛱️ Reshading PingPong

Reshading PingPong became alive on 24.06.2024 at Weichselplatz, Neukölln during the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival. In Reshading PingPong, fünfter Löffel curates a public space intervention, where Ximena Ferrer Pizarro and Gamze Yalçın are creating sun umbrellas from recycled textile collages over the ping pong tables. The artists use sun umbrellas as painting material and make collages on them using paint and recycled textile. These umbrellas are placed next to the ping pong tables. This intervention is creating a colourful shadow for people who are going to use the ping pong table, allowing table tennis tables to have a certain light/shade contrast depending on the day light. In Weichselplatz, the seatings and the ground are covered with artist’s textile collages, thus changing the colour facade of the whole section of the park area.


Ping pong tables are used as a social platform to interact with audience in different ways other than its main function, such as: exhibition table, workshops, performances under the painted sun umbrellas. Ximena and Gamze will be interacting with each other, showcasing their art objects on the ping pong table, thus creating an open-air exhibition. There will be workshops in which artists play different children’s games with the audience. Other than that, the artists will do reading performances. These will be available to the public through a 48-hour schedule.


Reshading PingPong is creating an artistic intervention which pinpoints and creates further performative aUribute to this “playground”, whilst keeping the quality of the ping-pong tables alive. It will make this local meeting point in Neukölln and its culture more visible.


Curated by: fünfter Löffel (Elif Yıldırım, Canberk Akçal)


Artists: Gamze Yalçın, Ximena Ferrer Pizarro

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